St Helena was once known to be one of the most isolated islands in the world. St Helena is a British territory which became popular for its exile of Napoleon Bonaparte in the early 1800’s.
The Island has a unique flora and fauna and its un-spoilt countryside the rugged terrain is exceptional for hiking walking or mountain biking.

St Helena Fishing

St Helena Fishing and diving

The Island also offers abundance of fishing as well as snorkelling and excellent diving,
The climate is tropical with the average temperatures between 17C-24C in winter and 21C-28C in summer and rainfall is low. The seven wonders of the Island are, Jacobs Ladder, Heart Shaped Waterfall, Napoleons Tomb, St James Church, Napoleon’s House, Dianna’s Peak National Park, High Knoll Fort and Jonathan the Tortoise, the oldest living inhabitant. The waters around St Helena have abundance in marine life including whale sharks, dolphins, and humpback whales.
The shipwrecks around St Helena are declared protected areas. The Island has only 120 miles of main highway road. The steepest road is Sandy Bay Beach road. The widest road is in Half Tree Hollow.
A new road which was known as the airport haul road runs from Rupert’s Bay to the airport which is 14km long. The current population on the island is around 4500.
During the Boer War in South Africa, 6000 Boer prisoners were imprisoned on the island
History states that St Helena was discovered by a Portuguese navigator Juan De Nova Castella in 1502.

St Helena Rum

St Helena Rum

There are locally distilled spirits which are stilled in the St Helena distillery. Along with Island coffee which is also excellent; the fishing, diving and eco boat trips are wonderful.
Jacobs’s ladder is a grade 1 listed feature which was built by the royal engineers in 1871 has a total of 699 steps. The St Helena Museum is situated at the bottom Jacobs’s ladder. The museum will also provide a certificate to a tourist who completes the climb.
St Helena played an important role in the abolition of slavery. Over 9000 slaves were freed and repatriated. The famous astronomer Dr Halley visited the island in 1676, from his observatory on the island he witnesses the transit of Mercury over the Suns disc.
The new St Helena airport is built on the Prosperous bay plain. The new St Helena Airport is now open we are ready for business and we welcome you to the unspoiled Atlantic destination, St Helena.